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#1 13-01-2013 23:26:02

Mod Special Unit Leader

Special Unit Release

Hello everyone !

After an excruciating week lond big-crunch, here comes Special Unit for Unreal Tournament 2004 !

You can download the Windows installer Here or the zip archive There.
Or on our hoster Unreal.fr.

You'll need Unreal Tournament 2004 and its latest patch (v3369) to play this mod.
After the install, your UT2004 folder should look like this :

I would like to thank everyone who supported us during our great adventure : the most patient fans ever, the guys from Unreal.fr, the team from Unreal-Fantasy, the friends from former website PMods, and the families of the team who had to cope with no-lifes during the long hours of work !

Thanks to everyone involved in the team during the last 9 years :
XoD, Horse, DarkFabius, GeorgeH, Gunman Youri, Anubis, Barballs, Missilemaster, Max&Asmyrdhen, Drakeslayer, Delva, Stepotronic, Geniuz, Fac32, Ganmesh, Yaboo, Nemesis, Blackhound, Radian, Ziboo, Angelus, Eddy, Blacksmurf et yAMATO.

You can find the list of the features in this news.
The trailer is available on Youtube.

I hope you'll enjoy Special Unit, and that we'll meet on a server soon !
Feel free to write down comments and ideas on our boards!

See you on the other side !



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